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Mar 11 2013

The sound of Paris Metro line 3bis between Saint-Fargeau and Porte des Lilas

Apr 26 2011

Bluebells on Flickr.

In Emmetts Garden

Apr 11 2011

WhiteandBlueway on Flickr.

Oct 26 2010
Redesigning services: Total savings £29 million
We propose to radically transform some services to make them better fit for 21st century needs. Among other things, the world has changed from the days when a state taxpayer funded option was the only choice for vulnerable people looking for some types of support in their daily lives.
For example, balanced ready meals are now available widely through supermarkets with delivery options at a greater choice and lower cost than the council can provide through its more limited Meals on Wheels service.

Norfolk’s Big Conversation

Protecting the frontline and meeting the savings challenge

Aug 14 2010

Premier League 5pm, 14th August 2010

  1. Blackpool (3pts, GD4)
  2. Aston Villa (3pts, GD3)
  3. Wolverhampton (3pts, GD1)
  4. Blackburn (3pts, GD1)
Mar 17 2010

Dagenham Ranch

Mar 14 2010

Reconstituted chicken + fat-soaked batter + sugary sauce + gooey cheese + lardy pancake (all for less than a pound) = teenage obesity overload

Jan 31 2010

"People are feeling incredibly angry," Wes Streeting, president of the National Union of Students, told me. "They have debts in excess of £20,000 after being told they would get a job at the end of their degree and earn more money. Instead they’re just heavily indebted."

This anger is due to intergenerational unfairness. Baby boomers had free education, affordable houses, fat pensions, early retirement and second homes (150,000 at the last census), but when we got to the buffet table – oh look, a couple of manhandled sandwiches. We’ve been left with education on the never-never and a property ladder with rotten rungs. Our work ethic is slurred and our salaries are stagnant. Any hope of promotion is paralysed by the comatose grey ceiling clogging every hierarchy. Overtime is unpaid and pensions are miserly. And the financial system which made our parents rich has left us choosing between crap job or no job. It’s like we’ve been handed the keys to the family castle only to discover the family sold it to Starbucks. And we’re going to have to work there.

Nov 08 2009
It is a terrible, terrible name. It’s difficult to think of how it could have been worse, short of getting a passing toddler to crawl across the keyboard towards a rusk; unless you filled the rusk with Scrabble tiles and then nervously waited for the child to excrete them out in some sort of order.
Nov 02 2009

50-year-old bridge @ M1 J6

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